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 Volume-1, Issue-3, August-2014

Title:  Analysis of Microstrip Finger on Bandwidth of Interdigital Band Pass Filter using Artificial Neural Network

Authors: Robert Mark, Vandana V. Thakare

Page: 1-5

Title: Alterations Among Few of Varhadi Flora and Fauna Against Ever-Changing, Unpredicted Regional Climate

AuthorsDr. Niteen Vinay Phirke

Page: 6-9

Title:  X-Ray Image Acquisition and Analysis

Authors: Padma Priya B, Ashmaa R,Shiny Mol S

Page: 10-15

Title: Development of Self Orientation Scale for Measurement of Karen Horney’s Tripartite Neurotic Trends

Authors:  Arun Kumar

Page: 16-20

Title: Application of Pharma Economic Evaluation Tools for Analysis of Medical Conditions: A Case Study of an

         Educational Institution in India

Authors: Dr. Debasis Patnaik, Ms. Pranathi Mandadi

Page: 21-30